Åpen forelesning: Adriane Colburn

Mandag 25.1 kl 13 på Auditoriet ved KHiO kommer den amerikanske kunstneren Adriane Colburn for å gi en artist talk. Dette er åpent for alle.

Tekst fra annonseringen:

The Art and Craft department have the pleasure to present a artist talk by the american artist Adriane Colburn.

Colburn has the recent years been working on a series of installations based on the complex relationship between human infrastructure, earth systems, technology and the natural world.

The installations consists of large cut paper wall-works which are in conversation with manipulated objects, photographs, drawings, video and projected light.

The installations are extracted from the data, images and video she collects while participating in scientific expeditions to remote, wild places such as the arctic and amazon. The work reflects on these far-flung environments and the overall state of nature in an age where few stones remain unturned by man.


This lecture is part of A&C joint K-labs: dLab, dTextileLab and drawingLab. https://www.facebook.com/groups/487638954772868/ In collaboration with the KUF project ‘The Technosublime’. www.technosublime.com



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